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We will stock all of the old style Chief Scouts Award badges, Bronze, Silver and Gold as well as the Challenge badges, for as long as they are available.  We have adequate stocks at the moment.

We trust that you will find what you are looking for. If you have any special requirements or cannot find the product that you desire please contact us at badges@coventryscouts.org.uk

Shipping/Postage We charge a flat rate on all orders, so the larger the order the better value it becomes. Orders over £100 will have the postage refunded, in the form of 4 World Scout Membership badges.

If you choose the "Collect" option the carriage charge, whilst on the invoice, will not be charged.

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About Us

Coventry Scout Shop opened in 1920. Since then it has moved many times. Today it is based at the local Camping and Activity Centre, Rough Close. Tanners Lane, Coventry CV7 7DD

All of our staff are volunteers and so may not be available at all times.

Opening times are:

Thursdays 5 - 7 pm (except during August)

Saturdays 10am till 1pm and 2pm till 4pm

Sundays 10am till noon